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Elk puts conversions right on your wrist, reducing the likelihood of expensive mistakes. Download Elk. You can then use a simple calculator to adjust values, and instantly get conversions. If you get to the end of the month and wonder where all your money went, weld Pennies to your wrist. You set up lists, allocate a budget, and then input values when you spend or receive some cash. And if you want to be constantly guilted by your Apple Watch, Pennies can show your ongoing budget as a Complication.

Download Pennies. Not so with MultiTimer. Set up your timers in the iPhone app, and each is then displayed on your Apple Watch with a colour, label and icon. You can run as many timers as you like, and their progress is seamlessly synced across devices. Download MultiTimer. The Apple Watch app is a mere monitor, but that still proves useful.

You can at a glance — either in the app or by way of a complication — see which of your devices needs plugging in, rather than rocking up to it later and finding only a black screen. Download Cloud Battery. The idea behind Just Press Record is to make capturing voice memos insanely simple.

On Apple Watch, the app starts off as a massive record button. Prod it to start recording. Using the Apple Watch app, you can also peruse and playback recent recordings.

Download Just Press Record. During playback on iPhone, you can then jump to these specific moments, adding contextual notes around them as necessary. You can also edit, create and organise into folders new cheats directly on Apple Watch by way of dictation , along with using one of these notes as a complication. Download Cheatsheet Notes. Weirdly, Notes has yet to make its way across to Apple Watch, but fortunately Drafts ably fills that particular void.

The app enables you to capture new notes by dictation, which are then hurled into your Drafts inbox. Alternatively, you can append or prepend whatever you input to an existing note — for example, to update a diary or shopping list. Also, your inbox is browsable and your notes are readable on you Apple Watch, saving you from having to keep heading to your iPhone.

Download Drafts. The Apple Watch app is similarly impressive, enabling you to get countless definitions right on your wrist, and access a word of the day, thereby expeditiously ameliorating your vocabulary.

Prod the shutter button to take a snap, or set off the timer to give everyone a few seconds to get their best smile on. Get Halide Mark II. You get one remote-control button, to start and stop recording — in stark contrast to the dizzying array of iPhone app controls! Like Productive, Streaks wants to infuse habits into your daily routine.

However, this is a pay-once app — not a subscription — and has a kind of ruthless efficiency that Productive lacks. Reminders can also be sent your way as relevant.

Download Streaks. On iPhone, Bear Focus Timer is superb for keeping focused on tasks by breaking the day into work and break sprints. The Apple Watch app puts a similar system right on your wrist. By default, you get 25 minutes to work and five to rest, whereupon a motivational bear picture is shown.

Every four sprint pairs, you get a longer break, and all these values can be defined in-app. Zoom is a web and app-based service that offers the ability to chat, make a phone call, host a webinar, create a virtual conference room, and host or join online audio and video meetings with people around the world. You can use Zoom on your iPhone and iPad to audio or video chat between two people or with a group of up to one hundred.

We’ve written a Zoom troubleshooting guide for audio , a Zoom troubleshooting guide for video and freezing , and a guide for looking good in Zoom calls. For more great Zoom tutorials, check out our free Tip of the Day. Now, let’s get started learning how to use Zoom, including how to download, create a Zoom account, log in, participate in meetings, use a Zoom background, and all the Zoom features and settings you need to know to navigate the platform successfully.

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch includes the following features and software, you can use it with Zoom. If you’re not sure if your internet speed is adequate, there are lots of different speed tests available online. Some popular options include Fast and Ookla. If you’re new to this, check out our tip on how to download apps.

Once you’ve downloaded and opened the Zoom app, it’s time to create an account. You’ll set up a password, which you can save to your iCloud Keychain. If you need to enable your iCloud Keychain , we have a tip on how to do that. The Zoom app will ask if it can send notifications and access your calendar, to help you schedule and remember your meetings.

You’ll also have the option to enable Zoom to use Siri, so you can use Siri to start your Zoom calls. If someone else has set up a Zoom meeting, there’s more than one way to join, since there is more than one way to be invited. If you’ve received an invitation via email or text message, click the Zoom link included, and follow the prompts.

You need to enter a password if one was included. If you don’t have a link, but have the Meeting ID, follow the steps below. Just tap your screen once, and all the controls will reappear.

Zoom offers two types of meetings, Scheduled or Instant. This virtual meeting room will always be accessible using its link and PMI, so people you share this login information with can join meetings in this Personal Meeting room at any time. Please enter a question. Skip to main content.

Image Unavailable Image not available for Colour:. Brand: Michael Kors. For self-ship returns, Amazon will reimburse your reasonable out of pocket shipping charges to return the item. The item must be returned in a new and unused condition. Enhance your purchase. Order within 13 hrs 19 mins. Or fastest delivery Wednesday, June 8.

In Stock. Includes initial monthly payment and selected options. Initial payment breakdown. Shipping cost, delivery date and order total including tax shown at checkout. Add to Cart. The enhancements that you chose aren’t available for this seller. Details To add the following enhancements to your purchase, choose a different seller. Secure transaction. Your transaction is secure. Password expiration days : Enter the number of days before the device password must be changed, from Prevent reuse of previous passwords : Restrict users from creating previous passwords.

Enter the number of previously used passwords that can’t be used, from For example, enter 5 so users can’t set a new password to their current password or any of their previous four passwords.

When the value is blank, Intune doesn’t change or update this setting. By default, the OS might allow users to unlock devices using biometrics. Block passcode modification : Yes stops the passcode from being changed, added, or removed.

After blocking this feature, changes to passcode restrictions are ignored on supervised devices. This setting is ignored on Shared iPads. By default, the OS might allow passcodes to be added, changed, or removed. Choosing Yes also has the following impact:. By default, the OS might allow these features. Block password proximity requests : Yes prevents devices from requesting passwords from nearby devices.

By default, the OS might allow these password requests. Block password sharing : Yes prevents sharing passwords between devices using AirDrop. By default, the OS might allow passwords to be shared. By default, the OS might allow users to control this feature in the device settings. For example, if you set the value for both settings to 5 minutes, then the screen turns off automatically after five minutes, and devices are locked after another five minutes.

However, if users turn off the screen manually, then the second setting is immediately applied. In the same example, after users turn off the screen, the device locks five minutes later.

Type of restricted apps list : Create a list of apps that users aren’t allowed to install or use. Select the app, and copy the URL. Or, Export an existing list that includes the restricted apps list in the same format. Device profiles that use the restricted app settings must be assigned to user groups, not device groups.

Block Shared iPad temporary sessions : Temporary sessions allow users to sign in as Guest, and users aren’t required to enter a Managed Apple ID or password.

Type of apps list : Create a list of apps to show or hide. You can show or hide built-in apps and line-of-business apps. Apple’s web site has a list of built-in Apple apps. Hidden apps : Enter a list of apps that are hidden from users. Users can’t view, or open these apps. Apple prevents hiding some native apps. For example, you can’t hide the Settings app on the device. Delete built-in Apple apps lists the apps that can be hidden. Visible apps : Enter a list of apps that users can view and launch.

No other apps can be viewed or launched. For example:. App name : Enter the app name of the app you want. Or, Export to create a list of the restricted apps you added, in the same format.

Block data roaming : Yes prevents data roaming over the cellular network. By default, the OS might allow data roaming when the device is on a cellular network. This setting is treated as a remote device action. So, this setting isn’t shown in the management profile on devices. Every time the data roaming status changes on the device, Data roaming is blocked by the Intune service.

In Intune, if the reporting status shows a success, then know that it’s working, even though the setting isn’t shown in the management profile on the device. Block global background fetch while roaming : Yes prevents using the global background fetch feature when roaming over the cellular network. By default, the OS might allow devices to fetch data, such as email, when it’s roaming on a cellular network. Block voice dialing while device is locked : Yes prevents using the voice dialing feature on devices.

By default, the OS might allow voice dialing on devices. Block voice roaming : Yes prevents voice roaming over the cellular network. By default, the OS might allow voice roaming when devices are on a cellular network. Block personal Hotspot : Yes turns off the personal hotspot on devices with every device sync. This setting might not be compatible with some carriers. By default, the OS might keep the personal hotspot configuration as the default set by users. Every time the personal hotspot status changes on the device, Personal Hotspot is blocked by the Intune service.

Cellular usage rules managed apps only : Allow defines the data types that managed apps can use when on cellular networks. Block changes to app cellular data usage settings : Yes prevents changes to the app cellular data usage settings. By default, the OS might allow users to control which apps are allowed to use cellular data.

Block changes to cellular plan settings : Yes prevents changing any settings in the cellular plan. By default, the OS might allow users to make changes. Block modification of personal hotspot : Yes prevents changing the personal hotspot setting. By default, the OS might allow users to enable or disable their personal hotspot. If you set this setting and the Block personal Hotspot setting to Yes , then the personal hotspot is turned off.

Require joining Wi-Fi networks only using configuration profiles : Yes forces devices to use only Wi-Fi networks set up through Intune configuration profiles. By default, the OS might allow devices to use other Wi-Fi networks.

When set to Yes , be sure the device has a Wi-Fi profile. If you don’t assign a Wi-Fi profile, then this setting can prevent devices from connecting to the internet. For example, if this device restrictions profile is assigned before a Wi-Fi profile, then the device might be blocked from connecting to the internet. If the device can’t connect, then unenroll the device, and re-enroll with a Wi-Fi profile. Then, set this setting to Yes in a device restrictions profile, and assign the profile to the device.

It can’t be turned off in Settings or in the Control Center, even when the device is in airplane mode. By default, the OS might allow users to turn on or turn off Wi-Fi. Require devices to use Wi-Fi networks set up via configuration profiles : Yes forces the device to use Wi-Fi networks set up through configuration profiles. Don’t use the Require joining Wi-Fi networks only using configuration profiles setting. Once supervised mode is enabled, Intune can configure a device with the following functionality:.

Apple confirmed that certain settings move to supervised-only in We recommend taking this into consideration when using these settings, instead of waiting for Apple to migrate them to supervised-only:. Assign the profile and monitor its status. You can also restrict device features and settings on macOS devices. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported.

Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Yes No. Any additional feedback? Note These settings apply to different enrollment types, with some settings applying to all enrollment options. Note When this setting is blocked set to Yes , third party keyboards installed from the App Store are also blocked.

Important On user-enrolled devices, if you configure any password setting, then the Simple passwords settings is automatically set to Yes , and a 6 digit PIN is enforced.

On the devices, the following happens: The Password expiration setting is ignored. Simple passwords, such as or , aren’t allowed. A 6 digit pin is enforced.


Zoom meeting on apple watch – none:

Release them when the Apple logo appears on the screen. Zoom Not Loading/Not Joining Meeting on iPhone or iPad. Check your connection and make. Michael Kors Women’s APPLE BANDS None Watch Strap Stainless Steel, Silver, 40 (Model: MKS): : Clothing, Roll over image to zoom in. Plan, Host, Transcribe, Search & Share Your Meetings in One Browser Window. Sign Up Today!


Zoom meeting on apple watch – none: –

Warehouse Deals Open-Box Discounts. By default, the OS might allow users to stream content using AirPlay without entering a password. For example, users can’t create new device accounts, or change the user name or password. Block access to network drive in Files app : Using the Server Message Block SMB protocol, devices can access files or other resources on a network server. For some.


Zoom meeting on apple watch – none:. iOS and iPadOS device settings to allow or restrict features using Intune

For example, an administrator sets the minimum length to 8. Have one to sell? You edit the list on your iPhone, and there are loads of customisation options.

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